About us

userExperience Consulting LLC is a small specialized UI/UX and Web Development company founded by Tabitha O Abiola, based in Coral Springs in Florida.  Tabitha is an Interaction, Visual & Motion UI/UX developer (a mixture of T-shaped and generalist) with a wealth of IT experience ‘under her belt’, coupled with  specialisms in: education (Curriculum Design, Special Needs (spectrum) and Adult Learning, IT and Management  spanning over 10 years.

When it comes to exploring design concepts, ‘Thinking outside of the box’ is something that is very typical of userExperience; considering how design technologies and tools have changed over the years (from the simplest to the more complex), when it comes to what really works/not works; design and user preference, userExperience really pays attention to the intricate details of design and development. We are in the business of designing usable interfaces without boundaries.

Our Design Focus

“User’s place is Center Stage”, for userExperience this is primary; we adopt user’s-centered design principles and practical approaches for both interface and web design, which is achieved by effectively and efficiently. The userExperience specialist team engage clients by directly pin-pointing their needs via empathy, personas, interactive design etc.  To us design is not just a ‘tech-tool exercise’ but rather to identify a user’s problem and deliver a practical solution.

Aims & Objectives

As a UI/UX and web development company, userExperience aim’s to maintain teams that are well-versed in up-to-day knowledge and skills. Professionals geared towards working alongside clients to create interfaces and websites that are not just pleasing to the eye but also give meaningful and relevant experiences to its potential users. userExperience design processes always has the client at the very center of things;  always engaging customer acquisition etc. adding and leading up to final product delivery.


To Inspire, Engage & Excite

userExperience Design Strategy

Adopted Product Design Cycle: Brainstorm > Define > Design > Test > Launch

Inside each of our design specializms aspects there is a clear focuses on having a deep understanding of clients and their potential users;  what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. Adopted strategies have and continue to take into account the business goals and objectives of group/s engaged  with during each project life-span and at the end of the day with the overall aim to deliver solutions that provides potential users with better user-interaction experiences.

Core  Goal Values

Realizing User Goals

Design & Client Empathy

Establish Ethics


Design Product Usability

Web & UI/UX Design Solutions - Crafting Journeys

“Identify Problem, Adopt suitable Process, and  Craft accordingly,”

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