Our Services

userExperience designs and develops usable interfaces (applications, websites and physical objects) providing clients with a smooth and seamless interactive experience;  we drive alignment, set goals and drive understanding understanding and motivation amongst our teams, partners and clients. In addition we also consult on each of the services that we provide, we aim to clearly identify client needs and that of their customers while at the same time design and develop a relevant and usable solutions.

Our design and consulting services are not only for new projects but also for existing  projects (i.e. collaboration  and cross-functional team projects).

A Unique User Design Experience

Helping you establish a Seamless User Design Experience at each stage of your Customer Service Journey   

Our Service Development Framework

A vector illustration of a group of individuals sharing a support embrace listening with understanding. userExperience chosen illustration of empathy in UX design.

Empathize (with user/ situation)

A young man wearing a bright green colored shirt with a tie and a dark pair of pants standing in maze.

Define (Identify problem)

An illustration of four individuals with a tangled web of problems and working out a smooth solution wheel as an output.

Ideate (develop design solution options)

A Vector illustration used by userExperience showing a man and woman viewing a functioning interface design.

Prototype (design & Produce model with functionality – that addresses identified problem/s)

A vector illustration used by userExperience to illustrate Usability Testing. A young lady and man holding up mobile app screens.

Alpha & Beta Usability Testing

Web & UI/UX Design Solutions - Creative & Flexible Usability

“Supporting meaningful and relevant experiences for users”

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