Customer Experience Strategy - (CX)

Designing a successful customer experience (CX) is key in today’s digital market because as /when customers  engage with a website, app, digital product, or service, their feelings during their interactions with reflects on your brand (i.e. positive/ negative user experience). At userExperience, we base our customer loyalty can really only exist where you have a customer Service experience that is based on clear identification and critical review of each stage of interaction and this is where we excel.

At userExperience we make it our responsibility to understand our stakeholder, customers and users  journey to build compelling journey scenarios, interaction flows and visual designs, with customer experience in mind.

"Customer Experience Strategy = ROI"

CX (Customer Experience) Strategy
CX (Customer Experience) Strategy

Why Customer Experience (CX) is so important

Customer Experience – CX is the main driving force behind company branding. It helps to personalize and at the same time  scale resources at hand.

The way in which each individual organization builds its relationship in this digital aid is completely through interactive stories between the customer and the application or interface put in place by the company. Your customer must be able to ‘tell’ a story of their needs via ‘given’ platform, else it ends up being pointless!

We are here to help you present a platform that works hand-in-hand with your ‘customer’s journey’.


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Branding is what off-sets ‘who’ and ‘what’ you are as an individual/entity. It is the ‘thing’ that people identify you by be it a mannerism, taste or look and technology is no different. Web development, significantly over the last one year (2020 – 21) has now moved from being a ‘tech’ thing to a ‘necessity-thing’ which is now automatically expected of market entities and individuals – it is now a serious business! Our web development team’s creativity aims to  build positive experiences through authentic and relevant branding, help you and your company to stand out from amongst the crowd.

As a creative company we understand technology and would love to help you get on board/track in pursuit of a suitable branding strategy for you e.g. maybe you already have a branding strategy in place or just starting of a branding proposal, our development team have many years of experience in UI/UX and web development and they are at hand to support you in coming up with a plan that best works for you and your target audience.

"We are in the business of Connecting People with Brands".

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As a consulting company with a strong focus on the business aspects of the design of  UI/UX and Web Development, we view your business as having more than one route to transform and innovate. Helping you browse through available options, identifying the most suitable option/s and opportunities, is a great part of what we do within our consulting role, which at times might even involve cross-team collaboration for design solution (Our Product Sprint teams).

As you know, a brand being great in itself is not sufficient enough but rather knowing your products/ services ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ is key to identifying, creating and sustaining a brand – we support and advise clients accordingly, and with our experienced team, we successfully work alongside clients.  

So, How do we Create a Balance?

By applying a mixture of more than one design aspect such as:

1.  Creating a balance of qualitative and quantitative user research. 

2.  Listening to stakeholders. 

3.  Critically testing value propositions.

4.  Opportunity analysis
5.  Business case development
6.  User research
7.  UI/UX and Web Design initiation.

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